Marat was born in Tashkent, graduated National University of Uzbekistan and since 2005 he is working as a guide in Uzbekistan, organizing tours and escorting groups of tourists to the historical centers of the republic. Knowledge of history, geography and nature are fundamental skills in the activity of the guide.

These skills Marat received during professional trainings of the guide-interpreter in the Training Center of the National Company "Uzbektourizm" as well as during his long professional activity. Laborious study of the history, data and facts of different periods let Marat to create historical image of Central Asia and centers of it ancient culture.

Due to his own professionalism Marat won confidence and respect among the travel companies of Uzbekistan, Europe and Russia, which entrust him organization and escort of the tour groups.

Today Marat is working with local and foreign travel enterprises providing the service of guide interpreter along the Great Silk Road, escorting tour groups and individual travelers to the fantastic centers of oriental culture Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and others.